Hey there everyone this is Eric (@stogiesotr_eric) from over at StogiesOnTheRocks.com, Robby and I have decided to swap some guest reviews for each other. So hopefully you don’t hate it and I make you laugh a little. Enjoy!
Initial Thoughts

When I saw that La Aroma de Cuba was releasing a new line of their Mi Amor, I was stoked! The Mi Amor is one of my favorite all time smokes. I really wanted to see what this new Mi Amor Reserva was all about. It came out of the IPCPR show with a lot of hoopla, not sure if that was self generated or not, but I heard a lot about this cigar! I went to one of my local stores to see if they had it. He did, in fact he had quite a few of them. He said he was the only one in the whole state of Tennessee that had them. So I picked up a couple to try out for the this review. Lets jump into it and see if it lives up to it’s predecessor.

Here are some of the specs on the La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor Reserva:
Wrapper: Mexican Cuban-Seed Oscuro
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Size: 6 7/8 Inches
Ring Gauge: 50

First off, you could spot this La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor Reserva from across the room. The cigar is absolutely stunning. That’s an amazing thing about this entire line. They just make beautiful looking cigars.

This cigar has a double band, it the their standard La Aroma de Cuba band towards the head. Directly below is the second band that is bright fiery red. With the words ‘Mi Amor Reserva’ on it. The intricacy of the gold stencil on the top and bottom of the bands makes this band really pop.

Another reason I love this cigar is the deep chocolate colored wrapper. A beautiful Mexican oscuro wrapper, just gleans in the sunlight. The wrapper is even more pronounced because the fact that it this Mi Amor Reserva is boxed pressed. It accents the slightly rounded edges and gives the structure some depth. The head of the cigar has a perfectly placed triple cap and you can barely see the seams. In fact it’s difficult to spot any seams along the wrapper of this cigar. Ok, so it looks beautiful, but how does it function?

As always I make sure to roll this cigar through my fingers and apply my soon to be patented pinch test (just kidding, I don’t know anything about patents). Because this La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor Reserva is a box press it’s harder to roll between the fingers. No soft spots seem apparent to this guy, so it’s time to nip the cap and see what’s under the hood.

I’m a little surprised at the cold draw on this cigar. It’s incredibly snug, it might be due to the box press, but usually the La Aroma de Cuba line has a great cold draw. Oh well, hopefully it will open up once I put the flame to it.

Mmm, now we’re getting to the good stuff. I really wanted to skip all the pre-game ritual stuff and just dive right into getting this cigar lit, but I figured you all would want to hear about that so I’m obliging you.

I’m using my trusting Xikar Stratosphere lighter to toast the foot. I also use it as a photo prop incase you haven’t noticed! The La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor Reserva takes right to the flame and starts pouring out some luscious white smoke. If there is one thing these oscuro wrappers do better than any others, it’s produce smoke!

This stick just takes off and is burning evenly and perfect. The draw really opened up once I got it lit, this seems to be a common theme with box press cigars. I don’t really know the physics behind it, but its pretty interesting. I’ve been drawing schematics to try and figure it out for myself. Those schematics have actually just turned into flip books of monster trucks jumping off of ramps. So yeah still haven’t figured it out yet. Stay tuned though!

I love the way this cigar smokes. Just a slight resistance on the draw not allowing too much smoke to come through the barrel, but enough to leave you satisfied. The first third all the way through the end smoked flawlessly. I never had to touch it up. The burn wasn’t laser straight, but it was good enough for me. Now, to the final act, everyone wants to know how the cigar tastes, and how does it match up to it’s predecessor.

Well to say that I had high hope for this cigar would be an understatement. I mean others have touted this cigar as the best in their line, even better than the Mi Amor original. So yeah, it’s got some hype to live up to.

While doing my pre-game ritual I always nose the foot. I was able to pick up some dry cocoa notes, and a tad bit of citrus. Nothing too strong though.

On the cold draw I couldn’t get any of the cocoa from the foot, instead I got that traditional Pepin spice on the lips. Not too much flavor on the draw just a slight tingle on the lips.
Once I get the cigar lit, that’s when I expect flavors to start pouring in. Unfortunately that didn’t happen here. I was trying my best to really pull some flavors out of this. I was expecting a nice dose of sweet chocolate, instead all I got was very muted notes. What do I mean by muted? It was like all these flavors were trapped behind a sound proof glass door banging and screaming to get out, but they were never released. I get very light hints of exciting flavors, but nothing that really popped. It was a struggle to pull out these flavors.

During the 2nd third the notes became even more faint and actually began turning harsh. The cigar began producing an almost tannic flavor. I let the cigar cool down a bit allowing it to rest longer between puffs and that took some of the harshness away, but still no dominant flavors.

Overall I was really disappointed with the flavor of this cigar. Maybe I had too high of hopes for it, the flavor was so muted I couldn’t even pull any specific ones out to describe to you guys. I’ve got a couple more of these that are resting in my humidor and I’m hoping they begin to open up after awhile the notes can find a voice and be heard.

Would I Buy It Again?
Ehhh, this is a tough call. If I had a choice I’d take the Mi Amor over the Reserva any day of the week. Maybe with time these would become a better smoke.

Is It an Every Day Smoke?
Not currently, unless it gets better with age.

Would I Buy a Box?
From a sheer cosmetic perspective yes. The packaging is beautiful with this La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor Reserva. However, unless they prove that they can open up with time, then I would stay away from buying a box.

Overall, a decent medium bodied cigar. I loved everything about it, except for the flavor. That’s obviously a problem. If I can’t taste anything then I’m going to have trouble smoking more of them. Great burn, great structure and a beautiful looking cigar. I just wish it had more under the hood as far as flavor goes.

I just want to say thank you to Robby Ras for letting post this guest review for you guys! If you liked it, or if you hated it feel free to swing by my site over at StogiesOnTheRocks.com and say hi!